Evergrande Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China Post

Date:2015.11.25 Publisher:Evergrande Group Page View:1984

On November 21, Evergrande Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Post Group to establish the in-depth strategic cooperation relationship. Board Chairman Hui Ka Yan, China Post Group General Manager Li Guohua, Board Vice Chairman & President Xia Haijun and all the related senior executives of both parties attended the signing ceremony. President Xia Haijun and China Post Group Deputy General Manager Liu Mingguang signed the agreement on behalf of both parties respectively.

Signing of Both Parties

According to the agreement, both parties will strengthen the cooperation in the finance, internet industry, marketing channel, logistics and E-commerce to achieve the complementation of each other's advantages and the alliance between giants. Based on the insider analysis, Evergrande is a real estate enterprise with the largest scale in the residential industry, and has been developing in many fields such as cultural tourism, FMGG, health, sports and internet community service. China Post is one of the largest post companies in the world, with the network access to the whole world and covering the whole country, with unique advantages in the physical flow, information flow and capital flow. Both parties enjoy a huge cooperation space to achieve industrial seamless joint and win-win development.

Group Photo of Chairman Hui Ka Yan and General Manager Li Guohua

In addition, under the background of slowed China's economy speedup, large-scale institutions select the cooperative enterprises more and more prudently. China Post Group, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China and People's Insurance Company of China have achieved cooperation with Evergrande successively this year, indicating the powerful enterprise strength of Evergrande.

According to the data, China Post Group has the total assets of more than RMB 6 trillion, has the business covering more than 200 countries and regions in the world, and has more than 118,000 sales outlets throughout the country.