9A refined decoration for all brands in the house
Great work with refined decoration and quality life


The Ocean Flower Island invites the world master team for delicate design,
Build the double enjoyment of holiday and living by obeying the spatial practicality and beauty,
Powerful combination of over 300 premium brands in building material, kitchen appliance and decoration all over the world,
Form the strategic partner, 6000 refined decoration standards for the customization of the high quality life.        

Collection of the top-level famous brands
Sign the agreement with dozens of brands like Siemens, American Standard, Mona Lisa and Panasonic home and abroad to form the strategic alliance.
Integrate fully the technological advantages of the world famous brands;

Industry-leading design

Evergrande employs the top decoration designer nationwide to deliberate the house types repeatedly to balance the aesthetics and practicality of the house type decoration with the accumulation, innovation, summarization for 10 years from the aspects of practical decoration space, excellent quality material, visual aesthetics, humanistic detail, durability in use and technology, establishing the unique Evergrande aesthetic space system. Evergrande makes efforts on the market with the continuous change of the living style of the people, not only grasping the market change under the uniform Evergrande mode, but also adjusting the styles in different regions to satisfy the living habits of various regions.

Standardization management

Control the quality strictly: control the quality strictly for all management steps, get over 6000 “high-quality standard” through the whole flow of project design, construction, supervision and acceptance check. The ripe purchase management mechanism: Evergrande has formed own mode for material purchase. All the suppliers participating in the tender are Top 10 in China. This purchase mode is not only the standard which is must be implemented for all Evergrande projects, but also this standardization is optimized and improved continuously during the implementation in the past years by Evergrande.

Construction of the best quality

Evergrande Real Estate Group has proposed the strategic policy of “building brand with the quality and establishing the great work with honesty” since the foundation. After the argument and refinement for 10 years, Evergrande Quality Project Standard is as thick as hundreds of pages with the contents involving in engineering, garden, decoration, marketing, purchase and property management, which has been discussed and revised for over 30 times by over 200 experts and scholars gathered by Evergrande to form the production line of quality planning, construction supervision, quality assessment and quality project. Control the quality strictly of all steps of real estate development, get the “high-quality standard” through the whole flow of project design, construction, supervision and acceptance check to guarantee the “refinement” of the product.

Luxury quality material

Evergrande considers that the refined decoration quality is the symbol of status. Therefore as to the material selection, not only the international famous brands will be selected, but also the luxury materials of the famous brands will be selected to improve the residence status of the house owner.

Humane care

The bathroom space system is rebuilt based on human engineering and function streamline. The innovative streamline and the reasonable dry-and-wet function division for classification storage are taken for the design. Especially the mirror cabinet and the cabinet-under-basin with powerful storage function are used in the design of the toilet of the main bedroom to fully satisfy the use requirement of makeup, face washing and toilet taking. The furniture space position is fully considered for the position layout of the strong and weak electricity with the concealed wall layout and the changeable reservation for various layouts, like the tri-pod power source is observed at the location of the dining table so as to use the high-power electrical appliance like induction cooker and electric chafing dish. The cooking equipment is laid in the kitchen as per the order of refrigerator, vegetable washing sink, operating station, cooking bench and the placing bench. The split tap is taken for the vegetable washing sink for easy use. The humanized detail designs like this are numerous.