Island life

It has a total 6000 mu of residential section in the ecological island. An international green ecological model city is created. It is created based on the idea of Evergrande initial island life,
supported by international carrier, designed by 600 masters. There is royal garden, green ecology,
completely fine decoration, bag check in, and private island life in the peak layer.

  • 22-86㎡Apartment overlooking the sea

      Enjoy the excellent vacation

    The scientific space is intelligently delicate, the ocean view is available for each house, and the elegant island life is open to you. Fine and practical single apartment, you can enjoy a big holiday even in the small space house. Stylish Loft apartment, you can party and gather downstairs and watch the private ocean view upstairs. 9A fine decoration, bag check in, and boutique real estate forges a five-star service

  • 45-233㎡Foreign-style house close to the sea

    Natural scenery is extended

    The broad terrace enables you to enjoy the full view of the luxury ocean view. Viewing layers of back sets provide different scene at each layer, and the charm horizon changes all in a simple move or action. There is coast bike lane, sports footpath, which allows you to enjoy healthy life as you want. It has 9A fine decoration, a house full of famous brand. The ultimate and honorable life arises spontaneously.

  • 169-588㎡ Beach Villa

      Luxury island life

    You can have a 360 degree full angle of ocean view and enjoy the natural gulf blue ocean view. There is private beach and private yacht marina provided for you to enjoy the dynamic ocean. The front and back yard private garden changes its aspect at each turn and you can enjoy the four seasons filled with fragrance of flowers. Elegant and magnificent buildings, big viewing terrace at the top and the fabulous ocean view is all under the eye.