Evergrande, start point of your career

Talent is the fundamental factor for corporate development and the primary productive force for promoting the leap-forward development of an enterprise. Based on the principle of “Talents build a country and its industry”, Evergrande has started campus recruitment in 2003 and successfully imported many excellent fresh graduates.

By the guided induction training and “one to one” tutorial training, experiential learning of shift work, fresh graduates promptly transfer their roles to career; by a step-wise training, targeted job training and welfare style training, they will grow up rapidly and achieve their career goals; by an open competitive selection and humanization deploying system, many excellent fresh graduates have become the management talents with leadership and technical talent with excellent technical expertise, which help prepare them for achieving their career goals.

After 13 years of campus recruitment, college graduates have become the backbone of Evergrande in the diversified and big platform, and they will keep chasing their career goals with every effort!