Careful Planning, Firm Implementation, High Efficiency

Evergrande’s enterprise style is “careful planning, firm implementation, and high efficiency”.The Evergrande’s enterprise style highly summarizes the experience since its foundation, which is the essence of enterprise culture, the magic code of its fast development, and even one of the main characteristics of its management mode.The development of Evergrande shows that Evergrande’s superior enterprise style has forged an “invincible army” who are brave to struggle and endure hardship.

Careful Planning

Preparedness ensures success and unpreparedness spells failure. Despite the size of a matter, the key lies in the planning, and despite the size of the planning, the key lies in meticulousness. The following should be guaranteed: planning is made constantly and everything is planned. Act for anything after planning is determined, think carefully before act, imagine boldly, weigh repeatedly and deploy thoroughly.

Firm Implementation

Details determine success or failure. To take charge of implementation, overall situation consciousness and responsibility consciousness should be established first to pay real attention to doing solid work, pay attention to the details and handle effectively according to the job requirements.

High Efficiency

Efficiency produces advantage, and therefore, we should carefully choose methods in scientific decision-making, planning management, key links, OEC (Overall Every Control and Clear), moderate advance and other aspects, and implement seriously and timely.