Hardworking, Selfless Dedication, Striving and Pioneering

Evergrande’s enterprise spirit of “arduous, pioneering, and selfless dedication” was fruit and spiritual power of all employees and is further improved and sublimated during corporate development, so it will never become obsolete.

Its enterprise spirit of hardworking, selfless dedication, striving and pioneering can help its employees to explore their potentials and their creativity to the maximum extent, and to live and breathe with Evergrande. That’s why Evergrande has enormous cohesiveness and competitiveness.


Embodied in thrift and austerity, perseverance, and enduring hardship, it’s the source power for Evergrande to achieve unconventional and leap-forward development. It is the fine tradition of Evergrande people.

Selfless dedication    

It reflects the sense of ownership of Evergrande people. It’s the value orientation of Evergrande people to be broad-minded, law-abiding and self-disciplined, devote to the cause, return to the society, and achieve common progress for the enterprise and individuals.


It reflects the spirit of Evergrande people to advance bravely, strive to be stronger to meet challenges.


It reflects that Evergrande people should carry forward the tradition, keep pace with the times, make bold innovations and strive for excellence in work, which is the key to success for Evergrande people.