Hui Ka Yan's Talk about Enterprise Strategy

Enterprise strategy is the navigation mark of the corporate development. Once an enterprise owns scientific, prospective, and effective strategy, it can become larger and stronger, and it can achieve sustainable development.

Hui Ka Yan's Talk about Enterprise Management

Once an enterprise wants to keep steady operation, it shall learn operation. For an enterprise which can score success among fierce competition, it shall have a clear blueprint about its future development, and it shall set and fulfill clear and appropriate objectives with proper methods, so that it can run its business in a fast but stable fashion

Hui Ka Yan's Talk about Corporate Culture

Enterprise culture is the soul of an enterprise,and is also an inexhaustible motive force for its development and important part for its core competitiveness.

Hui Ka Yan's Talk about Talent Strategy

Competition among enterprises actually is the competition of talents, who is the soft strength and top priority for corporate development.

Hui Ka Yan's Talk about Corporate Brand

Once we want to gain top brand of Evergrande, we should fill all employees with brand awareness. We should let all employees know that when they are working, they shall put Evergrande’sreputation at first, and shall care for Evergrande’s brand as what they do to their eyes.