Blooming on the sea, blossoming of the green island

Ocean Flower Island takes the image of “green heart, green pulse and green appearance” to build the green ecological planning system. “Green heart” refers to the internal low carbon life experience of Ocean Flower Island, including the green building, green energy, sustainable water resource, harmless solid waste and wisdom travel; “green pulse” refers to the green infrastructure on Ocean Flower Island, including complex function, perfect supporting, green trip and homogenous habitat and “green appearance” refers to the ecological humanity exhibition on Ocean Flower Island, including ecological landscape and the cultural spread.

Build the ecological landscape

With the idea of building ecological landscape, build the green space system network and produce the abundant habitat with the change of the landform and river system. Take the local plants as the principal to build the multi-plant habitat, inhabiting the animals, plants and microorganisms fitting the urban habitat. Take the water conservation and control the water and sound pollution with the development mode with low impact, recover and build the vegetation system, water ecological environment and the green space system to improve the region ecological environment.

Greening and low-carbon transportation

During the greening development of Ocean Flower Island, the shuttle greenization is promoted. The shuttle with fuel cell, hybrid power and hydrogen energy power are selected to constitute the characteristic and greening tour bus. Meanwhile charging points are laid at the parking lots to satisfy the charging requirement of the vehicle with clean energy to lead the green and low-carbon travel on Ocean Flower Island.

The green building standard is carried all over the island

100% green buildings on the island, it will be declared to be an eco-city with state-level as a whole, promoting the declarations of the identifications of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) to build the 3-in-1 multi-certification green project, construct the international green real estate project and promote the scale development of the green building.

Green energy

Ocean Flower Island energy planning mainly includes 2 features: one is to take the energy-saving planning layout for the buildings with the largest energy consumption in the ecological urban area to reduce the demand for energy and reduce the operating cost; the other is to take use of the renewable energy from the aspects of solar hot water, wind solar street light, wind power street light, solar PV building and tidal power generation to build the special renewable energy landscape and reduce the influence of the energy consumption to the environment.

Utilization of rainwater resource

Rainwater storage pond and the supporting utilization facilities will be constructed on Ocean Flower Island with the combination of the local natural conditions. The treated rainwater is for spraying the roads, greening and the miscellaneous uses for parts of public buildings.

Classified disposal of the solid waste

The different waste classification facilities will be set for different functional zones of Ocean Flower Island to build the disposing system of “classified throwing – classified collection – classified transport – classified disposal” and establish the full life cycle of waste.

Construct the wisdom travel island with informationization

Full coverage of wireless network will be realized on Ocean Flower Island. The wisdom travel service platform delivers the schedule and the stream of people of the scenic spots on the island real time to guide the orderly travel. Meanwhile, the parking guide, large energy consumption monitoring and the regional visible monitoring and management will be realized with the IT utilization on Ocean Flower Island to guarantee the orderliness, efficiency, safety and ecology of Ocean Flower Island and finally to realize the targets of smooth traffic, energy conservation, beautiful environment and convenient tourism.