Evergrande Group is one of the world's top 500 enterprise groups. It is based on the real estate for people's wellbeing and is led by cultural tourism, with two wings of finance and health. It has achieved the industrial structure of "real estate plus service”. It has total assets of RMB 1.5 trillion, and has reached an annual sales scale of over RMB 500 billion and annual taxes of over RMB 45billion; it has more than 120,000 employees, and has solved employment for more than 2.2 million people; and it has donated for public welfare undertakings for more than 100 times, with a total amount of over RMB 10 billion.

Evergrande Real Estate Group Limited is the industrial flagship of Evergrande Group; it has more than 800 projects in more than 280 cities in China, and has created the precedents of "delivering all the houses with fine decoration" and "no-reason house return" in the industry, so that more than 5 million owners can realized the dream of a livable home.

Evergrande Finance is the largest shareholder of Shengjing Bank that integrates banking, insurance and internet finance business. In terms of the revenue from scale premium, Evergrande Life was one of the top 20 enterprises in the industry. In terms of the transaction amount, Evergrande Financial Service was one of the top 5 enterprises in the industry.

Evergrande Tourism is the builder of "Ocean Flower Island, Hainan, China", a cultural tourist attraction appealing to the global tourists, and it also has built the world's top park "Evergrande fairyland" themed on fairy tales across China, which entertains hundreds of millions of young children.

Evergrande Health is a comprehensive health industry group listed in Hong Kong. Evergrande Health Land Preservation provides health maintenance service to all age groups, and Boao Evergrande International Hospital introduced Brigham and Women's Hospital for the availability of world-leading oncotherapy.

Evergrande Group will adhere to the idea of "putting people's wellbeing first and serving China with industries", focus on providing residential products for people's wellbeing with high quality and high cost-effectiveness, develop inclusive finance for serving the entity, the common people and the society, make innovations in cultural tourism projects, create a Chinese national brand, build stronger cultural confidence, deliver comprehensive life cycle health preservation and elderly care services, carry out the “Healthy China”strategy, and make contributions to meet people's ever-growing needs for a better life.